What is The Bridge CDC’s A Welcoming Richmond Initiative?

The Bridge CDC’s A Welcoming Richmond initiative is English Language with Civics classes and Citizenship with Naturalization Assistance classes.  A We;coming Richmond’s staff is primarily made up of undergraduate and graduate students studying to be adult educators, interpreters, and/or youth educators.  Over the years, a few of our former English students have progressed to teach English.

What does A Welcoming Richmond do?

A Welcoming Richmond teaches English and American Civics to nonnative English speakers who wish to learn or improve their English speaking skills as well as their ability to reach life goals as a resident of the United States. If requested, we will provide one-on-one English tutoring to students outside of our regularly scheduled English classes. We provide our fellow community organizations and individuals with multilingual interpreters. A Welcoming Richmond helps recruit multilingual volunteers for community events hosted by fellow community organizations.

A Welcoming Richmond also teaches Citizenship classes for Legal Permanent Residents to prepare them for the Naturalization Exams. The Bridge will help the students complete their applications and connect them with BIA representative or lawyer.

When are the A Welcoming Richmond services offered?

Generally, the AWR host English Language/Civics classes during weekday evenings. We have both fall (Sept-Dec), spring (Feb-May) and summer (June to August) semesters. This fall, registration for AWR’s fall semester will begin Monday, September 12, 2016. Registration will also occur on Wednesday, September 14th, Monday September 19th and Wednesday, September 21st. The first day of classes will be Monday September 26th.  The last day of classes will be Wednesday, December 14th. Classes are from 6:30p to 8:30p. and Thursday, June 11, 2015, 6:30p to 8:30p.

Where are the AWR’s classes located?

Ramsey Memorial ELP
Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church
(Iglesia metodista Ramsey Memorial)
5900 Hull Street Rd, Richmond, VA 23224.

How can students sign up?

Show up during registration week. Individuals that sign up online must still show up during registration week to pay for their tuition and take an assessment test, however their wait time will be cut in half since they signed up online.

For Español, http://tinyurl.com/ecn-espanol2english.

For Français, http://tinyurl.com/ecn-francais2english.

For 한국 http://tinyurl.com/ecn-korean2english.

How the students are taught English?

The students are taught English by practicing all four methods of English communication -  speaking, listening, reading and writing. They will be taught these methods using topics that are relevant to their lives. AWR also arranges guest speakers and community cafes with native English speakers to ensure students stay abreast of great opportunities to engage the community and speak English. Civics and Citizenship are taught with the 100 questions that are  on the Civics exam to become a Naturalized citizen as a foundation fo r all lessons.  

Why is The Bridge CDC involved in teaching English and Civics?

The Bridge CDC chose to offer with English Language with Civics and Citizenship classes, because we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue their life goals in the United States. If a person does not speak English well, it can significantly reduce their access to opportunities that can improve their life. For example, if a person doesn’t speak English well, it can limit the type of job they can acquire, limit how much they can assist their children with homework, limit the level of communication they can have with their doctor, etc.  The Bridge CDC teaches civics, because The Bridge thinks it is important for foreign born residents to be aware of their rights, aware of the culture in which they are joining and be able to make an informed decision about becoming an American citizen.  The United States benefits greatly from the addition of immigrants, and can become a greater nation as immigrants increasingly decide to become citizens.

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